Can Anyone Learn to Sing?

If you’ve ever been a little shy or nervous about singing because you thought you didn’t have a good enough voice, then you may have wondered what the answer to this question was many times before. So let’s explore if absolutely anyone can learn to sing.

Deep Rooted Issues

It’s a fact that most, if not all, of our inhibitions come from something we are told as a child. We learn a particular behaviour which then becomes accepted as normal, it’s who we are and most of the time we just accept it as part of our personality.

Can Anyone Learn to Sing

People aren’t necessarily born good singers. Yes, there are physical elements to someone’s singing voice which may enable them to become exceptional, but they are a very small minority and they certainly aren’t born great singers straight away.

So if we’re constantly being told that we can’t sing or that our voice is best when it’s kept silent then people really aren’t doing us any favours. We start to believe them, just like people who make up stories of half truths, soon enough they start to convince themselves that they are telling the whole story.

The Process of Unlearning

Before we can start to learn to do something we thought we never could, we first have to unlearn the half truth. The ‘story’ that someone told us which wasn’t entirely true.

So how do we do this?

Before we can unlearn something, we have to have the desire to do it and then we have to have the belief in ourselves that we can achieve the desired outcome. We have to want to do it and we have to be determined to reach our goal.

Bad Habits

As with anything, we may have formed bad habits in the way we talk or the way we have previously tried to sing so now we have to unlearn these habits and start from the beginning. We have to believe that our previous attempts are no longer viable and that we need to address the issue from a different angle. We have to completely open our mind to all possibilities.

We have to dismiss everything we have been told before about our voice and then believe that we are ready to start again and that we will be a success. If we don’t go through this process then we will fail time and time again.

The Rebuilding Process

Once all the old habits have been ‘unlearned’ we can then begin the process of rebuilding new habits. This process starts with a blank piece of paper and gives us limitless opportunities to relearn in a totally different way from the very beginning.

I’ve said it many times before, but if you can talk then you can sing in some way. It may never be like Pavarotti or Celine Dion but it will be you and your voice is unique and special to you. If all you’re doing is trying to sound like someone else then you will fall at the first hurdle.

Can Anyone Learn to Sing

Always remember that what someone else hears is not what you hear inside your own head. Most people who think they can’t sing have simply never learned how.

Could you ride a bike if you didn’t know how? I’m guessing you’d fall off straight away.

Could you play a violin or a guitar without knowing how? I’m guessing not.

It’s exactly the same with your voice. It’s a precious musical instrument and you have to know how it works before you can begin to use it properly. Never underestimate this statement. If you don’t know how the voice works then you’ll never be able to use it properly and get the most out of it. Invest in it wisely and it will repay you endlessly.

So in conclusion, in my opinion, absolutely anyone can learn to sing if they truly want to, but you have to invest time and probably money in doing so. You have to seek out the best resources, but most of all, if you have the desire to do it, you WILL SUCCEED, I can GUARANTEE that!!


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