The Difference Between Price and Cost

The Difference Between Price and Cost

The Difference Between Price and CostThis article is going to go ‘off piste’ a little from singing, but it is very relevant to the bigger picture of self-development and increasing one’s knowledge. I want to explore true value, perceived value and the difference between price and cost. I basically want to understand why human nature, more often than not, works in such a price driven way as opposed to a value driven one.

Let’s start by looking at car mechanics. If your car breaks down and is off the road for any length of time it costs you money. It can affect your ability to work (especially if you’re a driver of any kind), and therefore your ability to earn money.

You Decide

The Difference Between Price and Cost

Let’s say you have two choices. One option is to get your car fixed as soon as possible by a very experienced and respected mechanic who has been in business for over 30 years and knows engines inside out. He offers a guarantee and his contact details so that you can get in touch with him at any time to sort out any potential issues and ask any questions.

He will also introduce you to other drivers who may have the same issues as you, so that you can freely discuss ways to help each other out in future.

This option is £1,000 and he can fit you in today and guarantee to have you back on the road by tomorrow.

The other option is to get your car fixed as cheaply as possible by a brand new mechanic who has only just recently set up in business. He offers no after repair service and basically if your car breaks down again, it’s just hard luck and you have to get it fixed again.

This option is £100 and it will be 2 weeks before he can fit you in.

Which option would you go for?

Believe it or not, most people would choose option 2 simply because it ‘looks’ 10 times cheaper than option 1.

Which is the better value?

The price of option 1 is 10 times that of option 2, however, you’ve only had to take 1 day off work, at say £200. The total cost of option 1 is therefore £1,200 and you only had to miss 1 day of work. You also have a guarantee and lots of follow up advice options at your disposal.

The price of option 2 is £100 plus 10 days off work at £200 per day, so that’s £2,100 if you’re self-employed and can’t work. If you hire a car at say £250 per week then the price is £600 but you now run the risk of having another breakdown and no one to turn to.

Let’s say your car breaks down again 1 month later. It is another £100 and 2 weeks of car rental at £250 per week so another £600.

You have now paid out £1200 and still have no after repair service or advice available from anyone.

The original price may have been less but at what cost?

What was the real cost of taking the cheaper option?

All these costs are hypothetical of course and not real, but it is an illustration of what you think looks like the best and cheapest option at first glance, can quite often turn out to be the most expensive and costly from a true ‘value’ perspective in the long run.

Online Singing Program
Take my online singing program as another example of price versus cost and true value.

Best Value

My best value offer, which is only available on my website, is £97 (RRP £1,497) for 12 downloadable modules which comprehensively cover every aspect of how to improve your singing voice and performance. These modules (and the additional audio file) can be downloaded from anywhere in the world and onto any device and are yours to keep and reference forever.

In addition to this, I also offer lifetime access to my personal email and a very select VIP closed Facebook group (by invite only) where members can share their experience, advice and ideas and help each other grow and improve their singing together as part of a like-minded community.

Least Value


My alternative (and much lower value) offer is only available on Amazon. This option offers a ‘Kindle only’ program, which is available at just £6.65. This version however, can only be downloaded onto a Kindle device (or the free Kindle app) by those who can access Amazon products. For example, residents of Singapore can’t access Kindle products on Amazon but they can download my program from my website.

You can’t save the modules to your device – they have to be opened in the Kindle app or on the Kindle device. There is also no personal email and no Facebook group associated with the Amazon product.

Which option do you think is going to help you improve the most?

It’s without doubt the first option which is best value and which will help you improve and develop your voice in the quickest and most effective way possible. The value of the Facebook group VIP membership alone is worth over 5 times the price of the program.

A small minority however, bizarrely, seem to opt for option 2 because it is the cheapest price. They more than likely buy the product, read a couple of pages, then never come back to it. There is no ongoing advice or discussion to keep them focused or to help with their development, which really is the key to success. So the end result in the majority of cases, unless they are strictly self-motivated, is a resounding failure to improve their singing voice.

They will then probably end up going down the route of the best value option via this website.


So in order to measure the true value of something, you have to make sure you select the option which is best suited to help you achieve your end goal financially, mentally and physically, not just pay the lowest price because it looks cheaper on paper, otherwise you are wasting your money, no matter how cheap the initial investment is.

I truly believe that you really do get what you pay for with most things in life, however, with this program, I really believe you get much more than that. I can honestly say, with the right mindset, if used correctly, my singing program will change your life and give you some amazing tools to really excel with your singing voice.


Practise Doing the Right Things – Don’t Be a Busy Fool

Practise Doing the Right Things - Don't Be a Busy Fool

Have you ever heard someone say – “Oh so and so, they’ll be a brilliant singer because they’re always practising.”? I think we’ve probably all heard this at some stage in our lives. Well I can honestly tell you that unless you practise doing the right things, you’ll more than likely be wasting all your time and effort going through the motions.

Practise for the sake of practise is pointless. It generally means that you’re just spending time running through your songs or your performance but not actually achieving anything productive. It may be fun but it’s not really practising effectively.

Revisit the Basics Regularly

Even the most accomplished of performers and singers will often get back to basics and work on their technique and hone it until it becomes an automatic habit every time they perform. They may already be a fantastic singer but they are never happy unless they are constantly striving to improve.

Another habit which most performers or singers will tend to do in rehearsal is sing all the way through a song and then try and fix everything in one go. Again, this is a bad idea on so many levels:

i, you probably won’t remember everything that could be done better
ii, you are getting into bad habits of letting things slide without fixing them straight away
iii, you allow these lower standards to become the norm

Fix It Now

The best way to improve in anything is to fix any issue that needs attention at the very moment it becomes an issue. If you leave it until the end of the song, you’ll either forget it ever happened or you’ll accept it as being ok.

If you get into the habit of fixing things immediately, you should notice that you’ll start to raise your game straight away. If you get used to being more picky with your performance and stopping it every time you’re not entirely happy, the quicker you will make great strides forward with your singing.

Another important aspect of rehearsal technique which is so important yet so often overlooked, is to record every session in its entirety. You may think you have covered everything during a rehearsal but when you listen back, you’ll invariably find other things you missed during the actual practice session.

Remember, the standards you set yourself during rehearsal will inevitably become the standards with which you perform in public, so always treat every rehearsal like a performance and you will soon start to see some huge improvements.

Why You Should Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Why You Should Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

For some unknown reason I always want to break into song when I hear these words as the Monty Python song  ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’ comes flooding back to me.

I was recently driving long distance to work with a choir in the south of England when something happened along the way which was rather annoying at the time. When I look back on the incident, I should have just dismissed it instantly, refocused and carried on with my journey regardless, but something really riled me this time.

Having had time to ponder afterwards, I’ll now explain why you should always look on the bright side of life and never fear the worst.

So what happened?

Well it was nothing more than joining a congested motorway (freeway) on a Friday evening where the traffic had started to reduce speed due to mandatory speed limits; speed limits which are controlled manually from a remote computer and are displayed on the gantry over the new so-called ‘smart’ motorways.

I was coming out of a 70mph zone and into a mandatory 60mph zone and a speed camera was positioned right at the instant the 60mph zone started. Yes, you’ve guessed it ‘double flash’ – the light of the flash is brighter than anything around you and almost lights up the whole inside of your car when you’re travelling in the dark.

Gutted…..I’d been got!! I was convinced my life was over, the ****** had got me.

Why You Should Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

So you can guess what was on my mind for the whole rest of the journey; I wasn’t thinking about the job I had to do when I got to my destination, but the fact that I had an impending speeding fine and penalty points due to arrive – I really should have stayed at home that day.

So I carried on with this nagging thought in my head all the way down, literally driving on every speed limit and not 1mph more in fear of getting another ‘flash’.


It certainly focused my mind and stopped me from driving at my usual ‘slightly’ excessive speed, so that was good but it really did eat away at me at how careless I had been not to avoid being zapped.

So for the rest of the weekend and while working, I tried to put it to the back of my mind and get on with the job in hand which incidentally turned out to be a great weekend working with the Kings of Herts men’s barbershop chorus in Harpenden and was a lot of fun and we made a lot of great progress with their singing.

I returned home later the next day and you guessed it, not 1 camera was in operation on the return journey and this somehow seemed to compound my misery. Hey ho, such is life, just sit back and wait for the inevitable to arrive.

2 days, 4 days, 7 days – nothing. Now in the UK if they don’t write to inform you that you have been caught speeding within 14 days then you are off the hook. As I write it is now 23 days since the ‘flash’ and I am happy to say I have not received a thing through the post.

So what is the moral of this story?

Well, clearly that we should always look on the bright side of things, because what we often think may happen, never materialises.

Now what has all this got to do with improving your singing voice I hear you ask. Well, the same goes for all our negative ‘inner’ thoughts we can often hear before we perform. These negative thought processes that create anxiety and nervous tension are all thought patterns of bad things which may or may not happen. Don’t allow them to enter your head for even a second, just eradicate them instantly and think about the good things that are happening.

By staying in the ’present’ and only thinking of what is happening to us right now, we can reduce anxiety and concentrate on enjoying current experiences far more. Anxiety and nervous tension are wasted energy on something which will probably never happen.

Don’t worry about things that may never happen; just enjoy the moment.

Why We Should Concentrate on Becoming Less Competitive and More Creative

Why We Should Concentrate on Becoming Less Competitive and More Creative

I thought I’d write about a subject very close to my heart today, and that is why in most areas of our lives, we should concentrate on becoming less competitive and more creative.

Let me explain. When we compete for anything in life, whether it be a prize for best in class, or something we all aspire to, we tend to harbour some form of aggression and single mindedness in order to beat the rest of the competition. It becomes all about the win and nothing else; an obsession.


While in some cases this ‘fighting instinct’ is necessary and gives you that fighting edge over others; in performing arts such as singing it can have a really negative impact on your performance.

If all we are concerned with is beating the competition then are we capable of giving our best, most emotional and musical performance?

The answer is ‘probably not’.

The World’s Your Oyster

By getting more creative and developing our own skills, we can open up the mind to an endless world of possibilities. We can start to explore music beyond that which we need to win. We start to bring passion, emotion and storytelling to the forefront and deliver a far more meaningful experience for ourselves and our audiences.

If we are true to the song and singing from the heart with all our feelings and emotion, we are sure to win as well. Is it better to receive a commendation for being ‘technically’ perfect or emotionally beautiful?

Which one will stir your audience the most? Which performance will they remember forever?

Being creative through music changes lives for the better, being competitive just becomes a never ending treadmill of jealousy and hatred in many cases.

If we compete, we get ‘bitter’. If we get more creative, then we get ‘better’.

Don’t allow yourself to become bitter, work on being better in every way.

How to Succeed in Anything – Especially Singing

How to Succeed in Anything - Especially Singing

Learning to improve your singing voice is not just about having great technique. Some of the best singers in the world certainly don’t have what you would class as the best singing technique. What they do have however, is the desire to succeed. In fact, they could probably succeed in just about anything they turn their hand to, but this probably applies even more so with their singing.

The Power of Desire

The power of desire when it becomes an ‘obsession’ is a force that cannot be knocked off course. Success in anything takes a lot of hard work, commitment and dedication. It takes a degree of talent in some cases but talent is nowhere near as important as the desire to succeed.

Think about that for a minute. How many times have you wanted to achieve something only to give up at the last moment? I’m guessing quite a few. You’ve got to ask yourself ‘Was the desire strong enough?’

On the other hand, how many times have you set your mind on something and thought ‘I’m going to succeed with this no matter what obstacles or challenges get in the way.’ You push on and no matter what hurdles you have to jump over, you just do it because you have the strongest desire to achieve a successful outcome.

Burning Desire

The same goes with wanting to improve your singing voice. Everyone wants to be better, everyone wants to improve and be successful, but not everyone has the burning desire to make sure it happens regardless of their current knowledge, technique or talent.

If you want something enough you’ve got to go out and get it. It’s the difference between success and failure at the last hurdle.

It doesn’t matter if you think you can’t sing very well or that you don’t like your voice. All that matters is that you have the desire to want to be the very best that you can be. You will do absolutely anything it takes in order to improve and be successful.

Do you have the desire to really improve your singing voice? Or will you still be in the same place you are now, this time next year, wondering what you have to do to improve?

The choice is yours. You are the master of your own destiny!!

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Singing has been medically proven to slow the heart rate and reduce stress. It enriches lives and gives you the feel-good factor.

I have a passion for good singing and on this site I’ll be sharing lots of free hints and tips which I’ve used for many years to help singers all over the world improve their singing voice.

If you want to learn more about how your voice works and how anyone, no matter what singing experience you have, can learn to improve, then you’ve come to the right place.

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