Is Joining a Choir Good for You?

If you’ve ever found yourself looking for a new hobby or interest, then you can’t go far wrong choosing something like singing with other like minded people who all share the same love of music. I’m sure we all know it can be lots of fun, but let’s discuss whether joining a choir can actually be good for you as well.

Social Life

As we get older, we tend not to venture out as much, especially during the longer, darker winter months. By being involved in a regular activity like singing in a choir, we actually have a reason to break out from our homely shackles and be motivated to socialise with other people.

This can bring joy into our lives at a time when we need it the most as we make some really great friendships which can last a lifetime. Being around other people and having fun is definitely good for you


Singing in a choir which rehearses everything together also brings us closer. Whether it’s breathing as one or as some research has shown, it can even make our hearts beat together as one as we aim to sing and feel the music as one complete unit. The bond that is created from performing together really does give you that feel good factor.

Is Joining a Choir Good for You

Active Mind

When you join a choir you’ll have songs to learn and voice parts to memorise. This is great exercise for the brain and keeps you mentally active as you’ll have lots of things to remember like notes, words and maybe even some choreography.

Vocal Strength

By singing regularly, you keep all your muscles toned and flexible. The more you sing, the longer your voice will remain at a good level for singing and speaking. Of course, as you get older, your vocal cords will deteriorate over time but the more you keep things going, the more you can prolong your singing life.

Daily Life

When you sing, you are transported both emotionally and physically into a different place. You forget about your everyday aches and pains and about all the daily struggles that you may face. All you have to think about is the music, and the feeling that brings can be an ‘out of body’ feeling both physically and emotionally. You can literally sing your worries away.

Is Joining a Choir Good for YouMake People Happy

If you sing in a choir which performs for others then you can also enjoy making other people happy. Performing for others is one of the most enjoyable things you could possibly do and making music has the ability to change peoples’ lives for the better. People will remember a moving and emotional performance forever.

Competitive Nature

Many choirs enter competitions which aim to keep them striving to improve. Competition drives us to achieve higher standards and be the best that we can be, so it’s great for the mind and the body.

In Conclusion

So it’s not hard to see the many benefits of joining a choir, not only from a health perspective but also from a personal development perspective too. Being in a choir is good for you and I would recommend it to everyone to have a go at least once. You never know, you may find you’ve been hiding your talents for a long time, so now is a great time to start sharing those talents with others. Fire up Google and get searching for ‘choirs near you’ now!

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