Practise Doing the Right Things – Don’t Be a Busy Fool

Have you ever heard someone say – “Oh so and so, they’ll be a brilliant singer because they’re always practising.”? I think we’ve probably all heard this at some stage in our lives. Well I can honestly tell you that unless you practise doing the right things, you’ll more than likely be wasting all your time and effort going through the motions.

Practise for the sake of practise is pointless. It generally means that you’re just spending time running through your songs or your performance but not actually achieving anything productive. It may be fun but it’s not really practising effectively.

Revisit the Basics Regularly

Even the most accomplished of performers and singers will often get back to basics and work on their technique and hone it until it becomes an automatic habit every time they perform. They may already be a fantastic singer but they are never happy unless they are constantly striving to improve.

Another habit which most performers or singers will tend to do in rehearsal is sing all the way through a song and then try and fix everything in one go. Again, this is a bad idea on so many levels:

i, you probably won’t remember everything that could be done better
ii, you are getting into bad habits of letting things slide without fixing them straight away
iii, you allow these lower standards to become the norm

Fix It Now

The best way to improve in anything is to fix any issue that needs attention at the very moment it becomes an issue. If you leave it until the end of the song, you’ll either forget it ever happened or you’ll accept it as being ok.

If you get into the habit of fixing things immediately, you should notice that you’ll start to raise your game straight away. If you get used to being more picky with your performance and stopping it every time you’re not entirely happy, the quicker you will make great strides forward with your singing.

Another important aspect of rehearsal technique which is so important yet so often overlooked, is to record every session in its entirety. You may think you have covered everything during a rehearsal but when you listen back, you’ll invariably find other things you missed during the actual practice session.

Remember, the standards you set yourself during rehearsal will inevitably become the standards with which you perform in public, so always treat every rehearsal like a performance and you will soon start to see some huge improvements.

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