The Huge Benefits of Online Singing Programs

You may have heard me talk about the benefits of online singing programs before but I wanted to discuss them here in more detail. When you are learning to sing it’s important to understand that it’s a long journey you’re taking, not just a particular destination that you are aiming to reach. You should always be developing your skills, always learning more about your craft.

Whenever you are setting out on any long journey, it takes a certain amount of faith, courage and trust that you are heading in the right direction. There are so many ‘how to sing’ tutorials online that it becomes a wilderness of information and if you are just at a crossroads not knowing which way to turn, it can cause one big headache.


The Huge Benefits of Online Singing Programs

Many of these tutorials tend to show a professional singer with an amazing voice demonstrating how to sing certain exercises.

Now the average singer or person who aspires to sing, would have absolutely no chance of emulating these singers and most of them don’t really explain what they are actually doing with their voice.

How can you possibly develop your own singing skills if you don’t understand what they are doing with their voice?

Video tutorials are great if you know exactly what you need to do and also if you know which exercises will be beneficial for your own voice development.

How can you possibly know this?

Well in all honesty you probably can’t know this if you are just starting out. If you’re a reasonably established singer or have had singing lessons in the past then you may have some sort of idea, but not many people will be in this fortunate position.


In my experience, most people are looking for proper guidance and ways to improve their voice which are simple, straightforward and actually explain how the voice works; with diagrams, illustrations and tutorials.

A step-by-step blueprint to help them improve their voice in all areas from posture and alignment, breathing techniques, creating good tone quality and resonance right through to performance artistry.

This is where the complete online singing program comes into its own. A good singing program is designed to help both the beginner and the more accomplished singer in a way that is systematic and easy to follow.

They explain how the voice actually works so you are in no doubt as to how it will help you improve. You can also learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home or office without the worry of other people listening and judging you while you’re developing your skills.


The Huge Benefits of Online Singing Programs

Good singing programs also include vocal exercises which are specifically designed to target certain areas of your voice and in a specific order so that you are developing in the right way and not doing things in the wrong order. This will help your voice develop stronger over time.

So how do you know which programs will work for you?

Well you won’t really know until you try them. As I mentioned before, singing is a journey and you should always be seeking out new information or new ways of improving your skills. I’d recommend trying more than one program as one particular form of instruction may work better for you than another.


The most important factor though is that it is devised or written by someone you trust who has ‘been there and done it’ and has shown results with their work. Not just someone who has ‘qualifications’ or has written a book, recorded a video etc. Someone who has demonstrated that they have significantly improved many peoples’ voices over the years.

So you can see that online singing programs have huge benefits and really can help you improve your singing voice over time.

Well that’s great but aren’t they expensive?

In answer to this question, you have to consider what you would call expensive. Is investing in the one voice that you have worthwhile?

Prices can vary from as little as £50 up to as high as £500 but if you compare this with the cost of high quality singing lessons which can vary from £40 right up to £200 for just a half hour, then it really is worth taking this route so that you can work at your own speed.

That brings me onto….

My Special Offer For You

The Huge Benefits of Online Singing Programs

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“An excellent program that is well constructed and easy to use. I like the fact that I wasn’t passively reading it as there were activities to complete to help my understanding of the subject. All in all an excellent read, highly recommended.”

“In plain English by a leader in the field. It has helped me enormously with my singing. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their singing, whatever the genre.”

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“It’s difficult to envisage a more supportive, informative and comprehensive guide to developing voice and performance. A real asset to all who seek to improve singing technique and delivery.”

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Thank you and good luck with your singing journey!


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