Why We Should Concentrate on Becoming Less Competitive and More Creative

I thought I’d write about a subject very close to my heart today, and that is why in most areas of our lives, we should concentrate on becoming less competitive and more creative.

Let me explain. When we compete for anything in life, whether it be a prize for best in class, or something we all aspire to, we tend to harbour some form of aggression and single mindedness in order to beat the rest of the competition. It becomes all about the win and nothing else; an obsession.


While in some cases this ‘fighting instinct’ is necessary and gives you that fighting edge over others; in performing arts such as singing it can have a really negative impact on your performance.

If all we are concerned with is beating the competition then are we capable of giving our best, most emotional and musical performance?

The answer is ‘probably not’.

The World’s Your Oyster

By getting more creative and developing our own skills, we can open up the mind to an endless world of possibilities. We can start to explore music beyond that which we need to win. We start to bring passion, emotion and storytelling to the forefront and deliver a far more meaningful experience for ourselves and our audiences.

If we are true to the song and singing from the heart with all our feelings and emotion, we are sure to win as well. Is it better to receive a commendation for being ‘technically’ perfect or emotionally beautiful?

Which one will stir your audience the most? Which performance will they remember forever?

Being creative through music changes lives for the better, being competitive just becomes a never ending treadmill of jealousy and hatred in many cases.

If we compete, we get ‘bitter’. If we get more creative, then we get ‘better’.

Don’t allow yourself to become bitter, work on being better in every way.

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